An Almost Comprehensive Chronology of Minimally (Poorly) Produced Limited- or Un-Released Recordings (for my reference, as much as anyone’s):

October sixteenth two-thousand one (cassette 17-18 August 2001)

18 April 2002 (cassette 18 April 2002)

Part II: Ebullition (cassette June 2002)

Experiment Three (cassette July 2002)

Part II: the sky in the east on seven august two-thousand two (cassette August 2002)

Yellow Journal (cassette January-February 2003)

Tramontane (cassette 6-8 March 2003)

O, naked heart/O, naked brain (cassette March-June 2003)

The Bombay Green Rocket (cd Spring 2004)

Rehearsal of Woes, Rehearsal of Joys (cd March 2003-June 2004)

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